Songkran Festival



The Great Songkran Day this year falls on Sunday 13 April 2008, corresponding with the Year of the Rat. Its symbol is a Deva of the water element of nature, before B.E. 1370 (827 A.D), of the intercalary month in the Lunar Calendar and there is an extra day added in February every four years.

The Songkran Queen’s name is Tungsatevee, who wears a bangle and pomegranate flower, red dress, prefers wild fruit, in the right hand holding a Chakra and the left hand a shell, sitting on the back of a garuda.

The Great Songkran Day this year falls on Sunday 13 April 2008 at 18.24 hours. This changed from before B.E. 1370 (827 A.D.) on 14 April 2008 at 22.53.24 hours.

This year, Wednesday is the “Thongchai or Lucky Day”, Tuesday is the “Athibordi Day”, Tuesday is “Ubat or Bad Luck Day”, Thursday is “Lokawinat or Destructive Day”. Songkran this year falls on Sunday, so it shall inspire 400 ha (the word to call the shower of the rain) of rain. This is divided as 40 ha in the human world; 80 ha in the oceans; 120 ha in the Himmaphan Forest; 160 ha in the Chakkrawan Mountain. There are 4 Naga spraying water, the prediction about food is called “Wibat” the rice paddy in the farm shall be half productive and half destroyed, and there shall be little water.

From the above announcement of Songkran, if we compare with the ancient prediction, it is noticeable that Songkran this year will fall on Sunday. It is said that there shall be little grain, some sickness, and as the first day of Aries falls on Tuesday, it is the prediction that all people shall be happy and overcome their enemies. In the Lanna concept, it is predicted that there shall be expensive goods, some sickness, plants shall be seriously destroyed by insects, all are worse than good things. The Songkran Queen’s name is Tungsatevee that sounds not only terrible, but she also has garuda as a vehicle, and discus in the right hand and shell in the left hand. Garuda is the vehicle of Narayana, and a discus and shell is his weapon also. Thus Songkran Queen, Tungsatevee is the representative of Narayana who gets rid of problems of the world.



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