Phuket Shooting Range


The place to improve your shooting skills...

Phuket, pearl of the south, holds all the possibilities you have been hoping for and now especially for you.

Phuket Shooting Range is number one in Phuket Island and has been founded in 1989. Small arms target shooting is indeed a sport where one can physically measure progress towards that ultimate aim. A field in which perfection of equipment and self are essential to reach the top. How does one get started on this road to perfection?

Phuket Shooting Range offers you just that opportunity, 24 gallery indoor range with it's own separate demonstration room in which highly qualified instructors will teach you the basics without being deafened by the report of gunfire.

Two outdoor ranges on which special combat courses prove to be both exciting and daring plus a wide selection of pistols, shotguns and rifles of varying caliber: .22, .38, .45 and .9 mm



5/10 M8 Chaofa Road , Tumbon Chalong , 
Muang Phuket 83130 Thailand
E-mail :

Telephone ( Oversea ) :
(66) 76-383195
Mobile: (66) 810-870870

Telephone ( Phuket ) : 076-383195
Mobile: 0810-870870